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I recently purchased a 3in. ABS solar vent for our cottage,and it has eliminated all odors that used to come from our holding tank, which is located under the front deck. I put the unit on the vent stack at the back of the cottage thus drawing air from the holding tank.

Best money I ever spent!

T Thorne


Our Filters Just Work.

How do they work?

We use the very best activated carbon blend to remove the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) out of the air coming out of your vent pipe that is connected to your plumbing system.


How do you install your new Odorhog?

Your new Odorhog will give you many years of trouble free service.

To install the unit on your vent pipe please just slightly twist the unit on as it fits down on to your vent pipe. It connects with just a friction fit – NO GLUE REQUIRED. Just order the correct size of unit to fit your pipe – Anything 3″ order 3″ – Anything 4″ order a 4″.

How long do they last?

You can expect your Odorhog to last over 12 months, Aerohogs last over 18 months

How much does it cost for shipping?

We use Canada Post for shipping across Canada, most places can be shipped to for around $25 for expedited service. We have no control over how much they charge. On the site, enter your details and click next – it will show you how much the different Canada Post options are and the estimated delivery date.

Can I order new replacement carbon?

Yes, from our website just click on ‘Replacement Carbon’.  You can then select the type and size of filter you want the replacement carbon for.

Do they work in the cold of winter?

Yes & No. We have had great success with only one reported problem (in nearly 10 years or business) with freeze up during the winter months. If you live in a region where hoar frost is common, then it would be recommended that the Odorhog (s) be removed before it is too unsafe (snow on roof etc) to do so.

Which size should I buy?

Ok, we get asked this alot so you’re not alone. And it must be said when you’re atop a 12 foot ladder just bringin out the measuring tape is the last thing on your mind! But its very simple.

All our filters are made with the same plumbing grade ABS plastic pipe as your plumbing vent pipe. We use a coupling that fits on the OUTSIDE of your vent pipe.

If you measure anything over say 3 inches then you order a 3 inch unit. Anything over 4 inches, then order the 4 inch unit. And same for the other smaller sizes.

Any Other Questions?

Please send us an email!

Please Note

Hoar frost will block even the largest unfiltered pipe if the perfect storm is over your house. Hoar frost is produced by the wind, extreme cold and the condensation coming up your plumbing vent pipe. It (the icy blockage) normally lasts only as long as the storm does.

If you suspect your vent pipe of filter has frozen, and sewer gas is entering the home you will have to remove the filters, and unblock the vent pipe immediately.

reasons to choose Odorhog

Our filters work

Hundreds of happy customers

Long life time

Over a year of functionality

 Easy install

No complicated procedures

Solar powered options

Our Solar powered Vent pipe work day and night